Dubai’s missing princess: ‘She was screaming as they took her’

Her best friend reveals to WHO Magazine shocking details of the kidnapping of UAE’s Princess Latifa.

“They were threatening to kill me,” Tiina Jauhiainen tells WHO. “[Princess Latifa] was in front of me kicking and screaming. She was saying, ‘I’m claiming political asylum!’ But the authorities didn’t listen.

The kidnapped royal was Princess Latifa Al Maktoum, 32, daughter of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai.

While it’s been months since the disappearance of the princess, her father has made no public statement. “Latifa is still missing and locked up. Even with the UN and [NGO] Human Rights Watch involved, her family still hasn’t [spoken] about her whereabouts,” Jauhiainen says.

“No-one will say what happened, despite an unlawful military attack on international waters.” In the final moments before she was captured, the princess was “very brave” declaring, “I’d rather you shoot me than take me back.”

Jauhiainen claims the story has received little traction in the UK because of Sheikh Mohammed’s “strong ties” in that region. But despite no contact from her friend, Jauhiainen believes the royal is still alive, “Yes, I want to think so. I really hope so.”

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