Hervé Jaubert & Tiina Jauhiainen Interview With British Newspaper

Herve and Tiina after Daily Mail interview

Ex Spy & Latifa’s Friend Reveal Their Story To The Mail

When the Nostromo, the yacht carrying Latifa II, Crown Princess of Dubai, was ambushed near to the coast of India – she wasn’t the only occupant taken prisoner. Alongside the Princess, ex intelligence officer Hervé Jaubert and her close friend Tiina Jauhiainen were also captured and claim they were then imprisoned in the UAE.

Princess Latifa Bids To Escape Her Father, & The UAE

The communications made by Princess Latifa II to Detained In Dubai (see here) made clear she was attempting to leave Dubai, the UAE and her father in order to live a life of freedom. Accompanying the Princess was loyal friend, Finnish martial arts instructor Tiina Jauhiainen.

The pair are pictured above having managed to leave the UAE and reach neighbouring Oman.

Within days they had both boarded the  Nostromo, a US registered yacht, captained by dual French/American national Herve Jaubert,

Jean-Pierre Hervé Jaubert

Hervé Jaubert, aged 62, is a former intelligence officer who holds dual French/American nationality. He shot to fame after he escaped an arrest warrant, which was widely discredited.

Mr Jaubert was wanted by authorities in Dubai following financial issues with a business venture. He managed to evade them by scuba diving from the Emirates and subsequently wrote a novel on his exploits.

Jaubert agreed to assist Princess Latifa in her bid to flee the Emirates by taking her from the Middle East to India aboard his yacht, the Nostromo. However, the vessel was subsequently attacked and commandeered 50 miles from the coast of Goa.

Herve & Tiina’s Interview

Following the attack on the Nostromo, which prompted an SOS from Princess Latifa to Radha Stirling of Detained In Dubai, all 3 disappeared and were missing.

However, both Herve and Tiina were subsequently ‘released from custody in the UAE’ and on 10 April 2018, after several statements through solicitors and Detained In Dubai, the pair gave a full interview to the Daily Mail.

Read the Daily Mail article below:

Frenchman rescuing princess stopped by troops ‘enforcing Islamic law’

Princess Sheikah Latifa, 33, fled the country in order to lead a normal life Says she fled in a yacht with former French spy Jean-Pierre Hervé and Finnish woman Tiina Jauhiainen to Goa Mr Jaubert claims they were ‘blindfolded and handcuffed’ before being taken back to the Arab state The

Their Story

Herve and Tiina told how they were beaten and blindfolded following the yacht’s capture. Herve explained the Nostromo was surrounded by 5 warships prior to the hostile boarding.

Both told of their experience in jail in the UAE, where death threats were commonplace. Herve was told he had broken ‘Islamic Law’ by assisting Princess Latifa II in her quest to escape Dubai. This was due to her being ‘property of her father.’

See the video of their interview and other shocking events here.

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