‘I Won’t Rest Until She’s Free’

Radhika Sanghani
August 2019, Marie Claire Australia

Tiina Jauhiainen tried to help her best friend, Emirati Princess Latifa, escape from her stifling existence as the daughter of Dubai’s ruler. But in a dramatic intervention at sea, the princess was captured and returned to the UAE. A year later, Tiina is campaigning for her freedom, reports Radhika Sanghani.

Tiina Jauhiainen is looking down at her now-cold tea. “I wish I’d said something to her when they were taking her away,” she says. We are in a cafe in central London, but Tiina’s mind is 8000km away in the Arabian Sea, reliving the night of March 4, 2018, when she attempted to help her best friend escape from her family. “There were guns everywhere. Latifa was screaming and kicking. But I was paralysed with fear. I couldn’t say a word.” She pauses. “I just wish that I’d said, ‘I’m sor