Ivanka Trump’s latest Dubai trip proves misogyny has powerful Western enablers

The first daughter’s participation helps to camouflage this fact with public bromides about “girl power” and business stories about women entrepreneurs.

Nina Burleigh
February 19, 2020, NBC News THINK

The Trump administration last weekend sent Ivanka Trump, its senior and nominally most feminist presidential adviser, to Dubai to headline a two-day Global Women’s Forum called “The Power of Influence.” In her keynote address, Trump praised the Persian Gulf region’s “significant reforms.”

“We know that when women are free to succeed,” the first daughter said, “families thrive, communities flourish and nations are stronger.”

Despite the tone-deaf, or
perhaps simply preening,
conference title, Dubai is
lately known, among
people who are paying
attention, as the home base
of true dystopic fairy tales.

She won repeated applause as she praised the region for its alleged advances regarding women. Even as Saudi Arabia incarcerates women ac