Mystery of the missing princess, the French spy, and a Finnish woman

Hervé Jaubert, Princess Latifa, and Tiina Jauhiainen have been missing since March 4, 2018

This story could be the stuff of weirdest Hollywood thrillers, but it seems to be true and unfolding right now.

A princess, a former French spy, and a Finnish Woman are on board Nostromo, a US registered luxury yacht in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The yacht is getting close to Goa, India. The princess contacts an NGO in London and asks for help. She says she is Sheikha Latifa Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum of Dubai the middle daughter of the ruler of Dubai, “I am the one skydiving, not to be mixed with the other two daughters, both also called Latifa!”

In a Video sent to Radha Stirling, the CEO of Detained in Dubai, she says she could not cope with all the restrictions imposed on her by her family and is escaping the “Golden cage” she lived in. Her aim is to get to India, take a flight to the United States and seek asylum. Helping her in her escape are a former French intelligent officer, Hervé Jaubert, and a friend, who later is confirmed to be a Finnish woman.

Since the first contact, the trio maintains frequent communication with Radha, until on Sunday the 4th of March 2018, when the story takes an even more thrilling turn. Hervé informs Detained in Dubai, that they were within 50 miles of Indian shore as of 11:00 GMT, with the plan to disembark and fly to the US from Mumbai. Seven hours later, a distress call is made from Sheikha Latifa to Radha Stirling. Latifa tells Radha that she was hiding with her friend, that men wer