Sheikh’s daughter called UK police after kidnap, lawyer claims

Jamie Doward
March 8, 2020, The Guardian

Revelation fuels calls for investigations into Cambridgeshire force and Foreign Office after high court bombshell

There are demands for independent inquiries into the roles of the Foreign Office and Cambridgeshire police after an investigation into the abduction of a princess on a British street was allowed to lapse.

Princess Shamsa Al Maktoum of Dubai was snatched two decades ago by men working for her father, Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum, the billionaire ruler of Dubai, who is a friend of the Queen.

Politicians and human rights groups said the inquiries were vital if political interference into the investigation was to be ruled out, and for the public’s faith in the rule of law to be maintained.

The demands came amid extraordinary claims that Shamsa had contacted the Cambridgeshire force in 2017, asking it to help secure her release from Dubai, 17 years after she was snatched in Cambridge.

The force is already under scrutiny after the bombshell ruling in the high court family division, published last week, which established that Sheikh Mohammed had kidnapped both Shamsa and her younger sister, Princess Latifa.

The “fact-finding” ruling found that Shamsa had fled the Dubai family’s Surrey estate in 2000, but men working on behalf of her father captured her in Cambridge and forcibly returned her to Dubai, where she has been held against her will for 2