Tiina Jauhiainen

Latifa & Tiina selfie

Campaign Director, Free Latifa bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Tiina Jauhiainen is Latifa’s best friend and long-term confidant. Tiina is a Finnish fitness instructor, whom Latifa initially approached as she was looking for private capoeira classes.

Over the years their relationship turned into a close friendship. Tiina didn’t hesitate twice when Latifa asked her to assist with her escape from Dubai.

Tiina and Latifa where both on-board their yacht, the Nostromo, when it was illegally attacked, in international waters, by the Emirati and Indian military forces. Tiina was then forcibly taken back Dubai at gunpoint where she was held and interrogated in a secret UAE jail. Eventually, Detained in Dubai, together with the associated governments, secured release for Tiina and others involved, with the exception of Latifa.

Tiina is now the Campaign Director of the FreeLatifa movement, working tirelessly to free her best friend. As the story about Princess Latifa airs, people around the world are hearing about Tiina’s harrowing and graphic eyewitness account of Latifa’s life in Dubai, her escape attempt and the kidnap at gunpoint on 4th March 2018, and the heart-warming story of their everlasting friendship.

Tiina is a dedicated crusader for justice and freedom for Princess Latifa, and is in the process of establishing an organization to assist other women in the Middle East suffering abuse of their human rights -an issue also close to the heart of Latifa.

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